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Live on stage, Laurence Graff used the Condé Nast International Conference as a platform to unveil the results of his cutting and polishing of the Lesedi La Rona – the world’s largest emerald-cut diamond.

During the conversation with Suzy Menkes, Graff’s first public speaking engagement in over a decade, he revealed the diamond – which had been kept top secret – had only just been finished after a highly skilled team of diamond craftsmen and gemologists took 18 months to create what Laurence described as a “masterpiece”.

It is the largest highest colour, highest clarity, diamond ever graded by the GIA.

The legendary jeweller reminisced about his early days in London’s jewel hub Hatton Garden, when, at age 16, he was told by his first employer, “the sky is the limit”.

Graff has not only mined diamonds in Africa. He also referred to the work of his charity foundation, FACET which helps orphaned African children.

Hear Laurence Graff’s talk with Suzy Menkes here: