In Episode 3 of “Creative Conversations”, Suzy is joined by the thoughtful, funny, and profound designer Alber Elbaz, as he enters a new fashion phase with the luxury goods consortium, Richemont Group.

Alber talks us through his career, from Geoffrey Beene to Guy Laroche then Yves Saint-Laurent Rive Gauche and 14 years at Lanvin, where he earned a reputation for creating looks loved by women the world over.

Fascinated by the world of medicine, Alber, explains that whenever he goes through a difficult time in his life, the only thing that saves him is going to work: ‘’It is my antibiotic.’’

He believes in storytelling and that we need to return to different ways of communicating today, especially to our students. The biggest issue they face is being exposed to an overload of information and data to absorb: “There is nowhere left in the brain to dream.”

Alber also reveals how he loves the word ‘relevant’ more than ‘fashionable’ and how comfort is the definition of modernity.

In Episode 2, Stephen Jones talks to Suzy about the fantastical world of his hats. Working with Christian Dior – and as the imaginative hatter of choice for Comme des Garçons and Marc Jacobs – Stephen explains how headwear is a method of communication and self-expression.

With his charming sense of humour, the mighty milliner describes designing for fashion houses and private clients as being like going to a cocktail party: “You will have a different conversation and present yourself differently with each person in the room,” Stephen says.

The conversation takes us through his Saint Martins years, the late 1970s London club scene, and the creation of his own label. Stephen’s description of that period? “Our drug was Fashion.’’

We also discover how Stephen’s relationship with Rihanna started – when they were introduced by Suzy herself.

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