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“I feel about to give birth to my fifth child,” announced Victoria Beckham. “This is like a dream come true for me – starting with an eye story. These are the pieces I want in my makeup bag: the beautiful packaging, with minimal plastic, trying to be kind to the environment, using clean formulas.”

For all her enthusiasm, Victoria Beckham has her work cut out this weekend. On one side of her new headquarters in Hammersmith is the collection she will show on Sunday as a star moment in London Fashion Week. But besides the surprisingly brightly coloured clothes – grass green, purple and patterns of flowers or feathers – there is another more discreet version of her favourite shades.

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It’s Beckham beauty. Although the performer-turned-designer has had a previous life in the world of make-up, working with American giant Estée Lauder, from now onwards she is making a new – and personal – career move. She calls it the launch of a “female-founded, digitally native, clean beauty brand”.

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That translates as a do-it-alone rallying cry for her followers who can shop beauty and cosmetics in VB’s London store – but are really invited to join her online.

“I have always been beauty-obsessed, and I want to create beauty solutions that address my customers from head to toe, inside and out,” said the former Spice Girl and decade-long fashion designer.

“It is all about making my community feel like the very best versions of themselves,” she added.

It starts with the deep, dark eyes. Even if Victoria announces her work as a “clean beauty movement”, the smoky shadows around her own eyes underscore a makeup collection based on “skincare, fragrance, and wellness.”

Together with co-founder and CEO, Sarah Creal, Victoria has launched in New York a business that fits in with the current shopping attitudes of the millennium customer. Young women have turned their backs on fancy, in-store presentations and snooty service of beauty products in favour of straight-to-the-customer online offerings.

Her “tiny team” of fellow workers has pulled the new beauty collection together.

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”There is a focus too on cruelty free formulas, with vegan friendly products and not using any of the dangerous toxins,” she said.

It would be tough to find a more dynamic or modern role model than VB herself, even if she has a lot more money than her potential customers whom she believes look keenly at price – but also performance. The plan is to start with makeup, especially for eyes, and move on to full-face – focusing on skincare. “I use all of these colours, even the blue eye pallet,” said VB.

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“It came from Harry and Meghan’s wedding – I had never thought of wearing (a) smokey blue eye before as I always feel I have dark eyes.”

The fashion designer underlines the fact that she sees beauty in a world of its own. “A lot of people don’t know what ingredients or what dangerous toxins are actually in the products that they are using,” Victoria says. “We have done a lot of research and we have developed, always using the hashtag #NotPerfect.”

She continued: “But we have developed what we consider to be a very clean beauty line. We have a great website so we are making it easier for our consumer. We are listing all of the ingredients to make it easy for her. When I was doing a lot of research and when I was educating myself it was very time-consuming.

“It is a grey area and it is hard to find out what is in everything we are using on a daily basis. So it has been my goal to really make it easy for my customers. So it is all on the website so you know exactly what you are using.”

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The designer turned beauty expert said that she “learnt an enormous amount working with Estee Lauder’” which proved to her that there is a real appetite for her customer who, she says, “does want makeup and she does want skincare” from her.

“But it is very, very different,” Victoria says. “The price point is different with a real focus on clean which is a key message. Not just in the formula but we are looking at the packaging. We are making sure we are using minimal amounts of plastic and with outer packaging 100% post-consumer waste. Those kind of things were very important to me.”

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Although at age 45, VB has to hand the millennial baton to her children, she is eager to align herself to what is happening right here, right now. And that means makeup that reflects a more caring society – especially among the young.